Enjoy nature and animals nearby

Domaine de Pamadera

At the rise of the first rays of the sun, the animals also awaken at Domaine de Pamadera.

Fresh eggs from our hens every day with a powerful rooster watching over its rod. This while the Goats are already watching the first movement on the domaine. Eagerly looking for someone to eat a piece of stale bread for breakfast with them.

The horses that walk back and forth in the area with the dew drops still on their hooves. The donkeys think it fine and settle in a slower pace of awakening.

The dogs have already completed their morning walk and would love to look up the activity of a playful exercise just before breakfast. However, they still have to be patient before the rich breakfast will be served.

The cats keep the chairs warm and make no move at all to make room for the first early guests. They stretch themselves lazily from a wonderful night’s sleep under the strikingly clear starry sky.

The day is dawning and the birdsong will show you the way to the cozy Veranda of Domaine de Pamadera where you can take a seat with the first rays of the sun on your face. To oversee the day at your own pace and make plans for another unforgettable momentum.


At less than 250 meters you can take a look at a herd of bisons, these fantastic animals will make you small again as a human being on your journey through the French countryside.

Enjoy your own awakening while enjoying a delicious breakfast