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Did you ever have in mind to be so relaxing creative ?! It is possible at Domaine de Pamadera

While the sun slowly shifts into the clear blue sky, with the beautiful white sheep clouds that help you dream away into the day, something fun is on the program again. The Veranda or our Atelier space welcomes you with open doors.

Let yourself be amazed by your own creativity helped by the possibilities within another fun creative, active, culinary or relaxing workshop!

Let yourself be carried away by the possibilities that everyone has and do not limit your fear of passively suppressing your creativity. We always say what is more valuable than your own presence to enrich the cosiness for everyone and to enjoy a relaxed get-together yourself.

Check out which workshops are offered this week and join us!

Patrick and Marianne Jungbeker

Workshops at Domaine de Pamadera

Workshops (see weekly program)

Nice workshops are regularly given at Domaine de Pamadera. These can be theme workshops that are offered in a certain weekend or during a holiday period or even in a theme week.

You can think of creative workshops, woodworking, culinary workshops and active workshops. You can follow which workshops are planned on our site under the heading workshops. If you have any suggestions, please let us know!

From season 2022;

Fitness studio rental

Whirlpool rental

Rental electric bicycles