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Welcome to our new website, full of information and impressions of our Domaine.

The 2021 season starts on June 26, 2021. Before this time, we try to prepare as many facilities as possible in order to offer you an unforgettable holiday. Our emphasis will be on the facilities and the unique atmosphere in and around our Domaine. In the autumn, the renovation of additional rental objects will start, which we will hopefully be able to use in 2022. On our site you will be kept informed of our plans and their realizations. In our preparation of 10 years we have thought of many things and not everything is possible immediately, but we are convinced that you will experience a unique place in the middle of France.

Yet there will always be things that can be improved! Tell us, we can only learn from that and find a suitable solution where possible.

See you at Domaine de Pamadera, the place for Peace, Space and Sociability.

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