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Welcome to our website Domaine de Pamadera, full of information and impressions of our Domaine to give you a good impression of the atmosphere and possibilities for a carefree holiday. Because yes, we have now realized that we live in a different time with each other and that this will remain for a while. Fortunately, our Domaine is only 800 km from the Netherlands and you can fully enjoy that well-deserved holiday at our resort with all possibilities, the wonderful weather, the peace and space for everyone.

In June 2021 we arrived in France with 4 full trucks and plenty of plans to make our Domaine a unique place for anyone looking for a great holiday with peace, nature, relaxation, conviviality in a unique casual atmospheric environment. We have created this, among other things, under our beautiful verandas that form the beating heart of our Domaine and in which everyone can walk in and out of our own home because we consider every customer as our personal guest. We don’t play a role, we don’t do our job, but we are who we are and we act how we are and the guests who have already been to our Domaine have experienced that we do everything we can to give you something unique that makes your vacation will be unforgettable. The 2023 season officially starts on April 1, but we are open all year round on request. Over the past year we have made many improvements to our Domaine priority was overdue maintenance in many small things that we have all addressed. We would like to take so many more steps, but not everything is always possible in 1 times. But that will come, what is written in such a short time is actually enough and last summer period clearly showed that we are doing something unique, doing something well! We have only received very nice, beautiful reactions and people went home with a well-filled, sparkling battery, positive energy gained during their stay at Domaine de Pamadera. This strengthens us to enter the new year with great enthusiasm and to be ready to welcome you. On this site you will be kept informed as much as possible, but is something not clear or do you have specific wishes or do you just want personal contact? call or email us to discuss the possibilities. We have thought of many things in our preparation of 10 years and not everything is possible, but we are convinced that you will experience a unique place in the Dordogne in France.

Whether you want to come with your family or in an Adults Only period, Domaine de Pamadera is the right place for a wonderful holiday in the middle of the French countryside full of peace, space and conviviality. We have divided 2023 into 3 periods pre-season, mid-season and high season. If you are interested in a stay, you will always receive extensive information in advance about the possibilities, availability, facilities and pricing. We are open and transparent and we would like to keep it that way!

See you soon at Domaine de Pamadera,

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