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Food and drink;

Everything is served to you under our fantastic atmospheric veranda with a view of our beautiful garden

8.00-10.00 u
Richly filled French breakfast

12.00-14.00 lunch menu

4 delicious baguettes with different fillings and the sandwich of the week! Take a look on site so that we can surprise you every day!

16.00-17.30 drink card

19.30 u Enjoy a Burgundian dinner
Eating & drinking at Domaine de Pamadera

Our Veranda is the center of our domain, where people come together for socializing, a chat or a snack and drink. Of course we have something to offer you!

As soon as the first rays of sunlight put the Veranda in the light, we start with a richly filled breakfast with many local products. You couldn’t wish for a better start to the day, everything has been thought of. If you still miss something during breakfast, please let us know, we may be able to add this in the future. However, no one has ever started the day with us hungry!

The morning goes smoothly, actively or just as you want it to be. The sun shines high in the clear blue sky! Your stomach starts to rumble and you make your way to the atmospheric Veranda. There you will find the menu board with delicious sandwiches, sometimes there is even a surprise! Be surprised and enjoy your meal!

In the warm afternoon sun, the children look for a delicious cooling snack. Look for this in our ice cooling and let your body temperature lower a little with a delicious lick of your ice cream.

The afternoon is wonderful on our domaine, what a holiday feeling you get from this! Dinner tonight starts around 19.30 pm. You can still use some treats for that! While the children take a dip in the pool, you can enjoy a drink under the veranda, a delicious wine, drink or one of the many types of beer, together with a delicious snack board just because you can!

After a wonderful shower you will prepare for dinner, cozy together under the Veranda with the lights that let you dream away about the beautiful French life. Every day we try to serve a delicious meal and we have also thought of the smallest among us. Delightfully satisfied with this meal, your evening continues in good company and your dreams call towards a well-deserved night’s sleep, until the morning comes again!