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Veranda time….

At Domaine de Pamadera

When you enter the gates of our domain, you cannot ignore it! Our centerpiece is proudly our Veranda where everyone comes together for a delicious and versatile breakfast, a tasty lunch, a hearty snack board or the much-discussed dinner!

Feel free to come and sit under our Veranda for a nice game or a chat. Are we not around…. No problem, just ring the shiny ship’s bell and we will be with you for a delicious cooling ice cream or answer the question you have.

In the evening darkness falls on the fields around us. The red-yellow sphere slowly sinks behind the horizon. The animals seek their night cages and in the silence you hear an owl calling in the woods, the beginning of the evening is a fact… Then it’s time for Magic!

If the atmospheric lighting takes over from the darkness and the attractive garden is illuminated in such a way that you know, this could well be a long evening! The pool is beautifully lit and the ancient façade of the barn stands out in the golden yellow glow of its beauty. Another game of Jeu’ des Boules is played, and a glass of wine is poured. Slowly the Veranda fills up to a cozy get-together, wonderful buzz between the crackling of a beautiful fire …

How we look forward to those long cozy, sultry evenings at Domaine de Pamadera until a new day arrives.

Bonne Soiree, Bonne nuit!