Swimming pool

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Water fun and cooling,

under the warm French glow of the sun ….

Every morning the first rays of the sun gently pull the red-yellow glowing sphere above the horizon.

The last flakes of mist recede after seeing those warm rays and let the dew drops evaporate on the green leaf of a sunflower that looks towards our domain.

The water in the blue clear pool creates circles at every touch of a dragonfly in search of food and dancing welcoming the day to the early morning glow.

How different it will be when our guests visit the water to relax under the hot golden yellow French midday sun.

How the children play and splash and participate in a water spectacle, happily enjoying with their parents from their relaxed position and further immersing in their reading book.

Forgotten time during the day and amazed looking at a quickly gone and wonderful day in a unique atmospheric place with our beautiful swimming pool as the centerpiece, which cannot wait for the next day to arrive. The waves thrive and the splashes dry up until the last drops flow back into the clear bath and the moonlight reflected off a nightly lit water surface

Come and enjoy Domaine de Pamadera